NG Falcon Player’s Code of Conduct

*Agreement must be signed in conjunction with registration*

I understand and agree that my education is my first and foremost responsibility and that I must meet the expectations of my parents and my school, and I must do my schoolwork.

I will play any position assigned to me and will do my best at all time, using good sportsmanship with never any intent to harm an opposing player or one of my teammates.

I will participate in a moment of prayer before practices and games with my coaches and teammates.

I will treat my coaches, teammates, parents, officials and other individuals I may come in contact with, with respect at all times, on or off of the playing field.

I will not use drugs, alcohol or tobacco, on or off of the playing field and understand that any violation of this agreement can and will result in suspension from the NG Falcons.

I understand that football is a team sport and that my attendance is required at all practices, games and social gatherings. I will make the commitment to my coaches and teammates to be in attendance and to notify my coach if, for any reason, I am unable to attend any scheduled event.

I will not, in any way, damage or deface any property, buildings or equipment.

I will abide by the decisions of the game officials and will not create any unsportsmanlike behavior or gestures.

I will act as a gentleman at all times and treat others like I would like to be treated.

I will not trash talk, use profanity (aka cuss words) or slang words (words that have been altered but essentially mean the same as the original profanity or cuss words).

I will inform my coach of any injuries I may sustain, on or off of the football field.

I will not spread rumors or make up stories about others. If I am told something negative about someone or about another team, then I will tell my coaches about it and find out from them if it is a true story. I will not tell others unless I have been told by my coaches that it is a true story.